Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To My 2 Followers

Hey sweeties; I will most assuredly post more righteous shreds...I LIVE for it.  Don't disappear; I appreciate your presence.   I'm more than willing to blog for two people!   Enough's as good as a feast, and two's as good as a crowd.   We'll laugh at those idiot feminists yet.  Together hehe.


  1. OJ-

    My suspicion is that for most people, "following" is kind of like being a My Space friend, and not the same thing as "reading."

    Yet there are some pretty silly liberal blogs with hundreds of followers.

    I guess the people who drink the Kool-Aid also read blogs...


  2. Now now, I was recently informed that Kool-Ade jokes are Raaaaaaaaacist! (No, I'm serious.) Sort of like fried chicken or watermelon jokes. Don't ask me, I didn't say it, they did.

    The blog I've been shredding here has hundreds of readers. Maybe thousands. And I don't need them coming here bothering me which is why I don't link to it ;) I've been slightly hesitant about going there because before I shred the stuff they shred my last nerve...but I'll be venturing there tonight most likely and come up with something new. There's always more stupidity there than anyone knows what to do with.