Sunday, June 12, 2011

Classic Shred - But Don't Expect Many of These

In other words, I'm about to shred an attention whore, and since it sort of goes against my religion (Anti-Raffianite, Ecclesians Chapter 39) to draw attention to attention whores, I doubt I'll be doing many shreds of THIS particular moron. And say what you want about current leaders not being stupid, but evil, but THIS isn't a leader, and she IS stupid.

So what leftard tard-tard attention whore am I talking about? Meghan McCain, of course. Just reading through her titles at Daily Beast is like watching someone scream repeatedly "Look at me! Look at ME!" and her behavior prior to interviews is worse, and the content of the articles cloying, almost unbearable. So I will shred one, just one, "Look at ME!" and get it out of my system.

Oh God, now I see the other one. They're all horrible! And Michael Ian Black? What the fuck? Did someone surgically remove your sense of humor or did it come out in your last enema? SERIOUSLY, dude, MEGHAN? Ok, make that two articles and I'll do them later. It's too late to start and I'm bumming. Nighty night.

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