Friday, June 10, 2011

Feminist Phobia/Leftard Idiocy

A friend of mine just stated that she no longer believes the hard left is hypocritical, but that instead they are operating on abject fear and dread, which makes them DO hypocritical things (like suddenly turning to Ann Coulter for comfort because Sarah Palin/the Tea Party is so scary that Coulter looks good.)

Well obviously I would agree. And I went underground to bring you back burnt feminist offerings that prove it.

Allow me to note for a mutual friend that while Palin may not have discussed Senator McCarthy yet, as Coulter has done, you WILL note please that Palin IS McCarthy - Palin/McCarthy Google Search. So you see, this is one reason some of us support her :) But the burnt offerings; let's cut to the chase. The question was out of all the "dipfucks" running for president, which Republican would be the worst, and why? I think the answers show us what we all already knew, eh?

I can't choose. Anytime I think of any of them, I just get so angry that I can barely articulate the causes of my rage and fear. I feel like they are dragging us towards The Handmaid's Tale and there's very little I can do to stop it.

You poor thing. For those who don't know, The Handmaid's Tale is a leftist's wet dream of terror (which they love to bask in.) The conservative faction has assumed full power, and half the women are infertile. Those who are fertile are consigned to slavery, in which they are passed around to the rich infertile conservatives (because all the infertile women are married to rich conservative men) so that they can bear children for the baby-hungry wives and perpetuate the human race. The whole thing is full of dystopian in-your-face, fist-to-the-junk self-assertiveness - it's a movie that absolutely insists upon itself. And the left is certain that that is the direction in which we are quite literally moving. Heh.

Otherwise, Sarah Palin. I have a passionate hate for her. I think mostly what I find upsetting is that she's a woman who is in the spotlight and she could have the power for so much good. But instead of calling attention to important issues, or really doing anything to help others, she just spews garbage and ignorance every chance she gets. I know she's not a feminist, but if she were... can't you just imagine how awesome it would be? Yeah, I think I hate her the most because she's a woman who doesn't want to further the cause of women.

She's a woman who doesn't support the same causes as me and thus is using her power for evil. Never mind that the power comes from the fact that she is NOT promoting the evil of the left and of radical feminism - however she got there, she should now embrace socialist feminist politics and a radical abortion agenda to slake the blood thirst of the ravenous left.

Since they are all angling to try and make the Shrub look like a hippy, can't I just pick "All of the Above"? Really, since apparently the primaries are going to come down to who can keep a straight face the longest while pitching the Ryan "War on the Middle Class" Plan and whatever new absurdity/abomination the TEA Party proposes, does it really matter who gets the nomination?

Yeah, Gingrich and Romney sure are radical fucking Teabaggers! Damn them and their fascist, wingnut ideas! Like socialized health care and undermining the conservative agenda...oh, wait.

If I imagine any of them in the Situation Room, I start looking at websites on how easy it is to move to St. Kitts.

We ain't falling for THAT again. You leftards swore up and down you'd move to France if Bush won the election, and the only one who did was Johnny Depp - and even he likes the shooting range (much to the chagrin of his European wife.) No, you're not going anywhere and we know it; you'll stay and whine and hold your breath and stomp your feet like always.

I can't answer his question because they are all shades of just fucking awful to me.

But tell us how you really feel.

I have long been training my dog to poop in dipfucks' shoes. The candidate with the smallest shoe size will both create the most difficult target and result in the least satisfying pile of steamy fecal goodness.

In terms of the nation, I think they'll all turn it into shit pretty much equally. I have to distinguish where I can.

Well that's different. So as you talk about literally filling shoes with shit, it's the other people who are turning everything to shit. I'd say I see what you did there, except it was dumb. No soup for you!

While I agree with everyone who has commented that the field of R candidates or potential candidates if a clusterf*ck of gigantic proportions should any of them get into the office what I've been reading lately about Herman Cain scares the living ceiling cat out of me.

He scares Barry too! Speaking of which, so does Allen West -

Jokingly, I'd have to go with Obama, because he's sneaky enough to call himself a Democrat while doing absolutely nothing progressive.

Wait a minute, you caught that? He's TRYING to fool the conservatives. Y U No support his strategy? Y U give away his secret plans? (Let him think it's a secret as long as possible, so shhhh!)

Sarah Palin.

Because James Franco.

Um. Ok.

Palin because she's not even serious about the idea of governing, and the thought of her making policy that affects people's lives when all she really wants to do is get attention makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

Oooh that smell. The smell of fear.

Rick Perry...As a Texan, and an Austinite, I can tell you that man scares the ever living crap out of me. If he enters the race, he WILL win the nomination. He's charismatic, is a Tea Party darling, a vicious theocratic misogynistic homophobe, and just an all around mean awful garbage pile of bullshit.


Are Ron and Rand Paul running? Then them. They'd dismantle every last government agency and privatize it, and the only thing they'd regulate is abortions and birth control.

That's for Mr. McCarthy. Dismantle every government agency, eh? Well I know who my backup guys are, then. I hope that's true.

The one that actually wins. 'Cause that's the one that's going to do the damage - the others will just get to have fun yipping-chasing-rabbits-dreams about it.

I thought your messiah was unbeatable. Hope! Change! After all, he's got the ACORN voter fraud in his favor, so what are you worried about? Vote early and often! Keep spare cigarettes to buy the bum-American vote!

I'd have to say Palin or Bachmann. I think they'd all be awful, but especially those two because they're women. The amount of sexist shit that would be thrown at them on an hourly basis would make me want to move anywhere else. And I'd have to spend loads of time defending them from the sexist shit, even though I don't like them.

The noble version of feminism.

Bachmann gets my hatred for her comments about the IRS allowing breast pumps to be purchased with tax free savings accounts as the government "buying" breastfeeding mothers' pumps and "the definition of a nanny state." WHUT?

Oh, shit. I'm never going there again. A hard leftard just said something I agree with. Of course, I'm FOR slashing taxes radically and she isn't, so we don't REALLY agree, but still.

1. For a passing moment, I wondered if any actual registered Republicans ever commented here and if they would get huffy over the question.

2. They scare the ever loving shit out of this female, liberal pastor, especially the subtle ones.

1. Fat chance bwahaha!

2. As Fred Reed once said to Andrea Dworkin about her rape obsession/terror - "There, there, Andrea...nights just don't get dark enough." But ding ding ding! The terror-mobile again - told ya!

Santorum...He's of a similarly theocratic bent, although I think he's less dangerous than Huckabee because he's less adept at seeming like a reasonable, likable guy. Like MinervaB, I think Huckabee's manner allows him to sneak his horrible ideas past people, so I think he could actually get a lot of votes outside of the Christianist hard core, and that frightens me.

As a hard core "Christianist" (WTF does that mean?) nothing to worry about there- Huckabee doesn't fool me.

She continues -

I don't think Santorum poses that kind of a threat, but the comment about torture you featured as Quote of the Day a few days back took my breath away with its evil.

Ding ding ding! Fear!

Oh my gods. Never mind moving to a different country, seeing all the options there makes me want to move to a different planet (possibly Venus, Jupiter, or Neptune - yeah, I might not be able to breathe, but at least I'd have a good reason for winding up dead, rather than "what's this button do?"; "For Jesus!!!1!!"; or "I'm boooored.").

(PS: for those who aren't aware, I'm Australian. I don't live in the US. I don't want to live in the US. You have my profoundest sympathies, and I'd like to remind you all that our borders remain open to those who arrive by any non-maritime method.)

As a public service, I insist that you post this information conspicuously and repeatedly at EVERY leftist American site. The rest of us will levy one last tax to pay their airfare - first class, even! And you all can figure out how to financially support them all after that.

Gov. Goodhair scares me because he has actual charisma, especially for folks with conservative leanings. The fact that he's actually a self-serving, hypocritical, pandering douchebag doesn't seem to register with the true believers, which gives him an actual chance to win. That would make me very afraid.

Don't know who governor goodhair is, but FEAR!

Governor Goodhair, especially after reading about his 'all good christians hate everyone' rally in Houston in August. I mean, I would have said him anyways, but today added a new if I needed a new reason, lolsob.

Have you heard about Australia's open borders? Here's a hanky for the trip.

*makes note to renew passport in case sudden flight to Australia becomes necessary*

See, they WANT to go - let's do them a favor.

I have to go with Palin. We'd be at war with half the world by the time she quit, and her VP replacement would probably be worse.

We would? That's funny, because I seem to remember seeing her with the Afghani president, and he found her disarming and charming. In fact, Sarkozy and all the other leaders she met with seemed quite taken with her as well. How's that Obama apology tour working out for you?

I gotta say Huckabee. I can't even put my finger on why--he just makes me break into a cold sweat more than anyone else. I just feel like he's pure evil.

I think that's the fear of God. The unhealthy kind.

I had to wave "hi" because I'm a female, liberal minister.

Yeah, we know, somebody's gotta do all the gay weddings.

I can't. I just can't. I guess maybe Romney is the least horrifying, but just about all of the others really do give me visions of The Handmaid's Tale.

They've had visions of the Handmaid's Tale since it was written in 1985. It applies to every single less-than-hard-left semi-conservative, RINO and libertarian that has ever existed. FEAR!

And he's just as disingenuous as his slick persona implies, too. He doesn't care about the Tea Party, but he'll sure as shit use them.

Yes, and we're too stupid to know the difference LOL. Talk about being used - you guys get used like a rubber every day by your leadership - that workin' out well for ya' or you got hepatitis yet?

I'm with all those who want to move to another country. All the candidates, proposed and supposed, scare the heck out of me.

Ding ding ding!

And without further ado, since I mentioned Fred Reed and his hilarious "Feminist Tarantulas" (A Rural Male Reflects on Feminist Incivility, While Calculating Windage) piece, here's some linky love for one of the original anti-establishment libertarian internet presences - Fredoneverything


  1. From the first article on the linked search page:

    >>...And he compared Palin to Joseph McCarthy, the former Republican senator from Wisconsin known for claiming the federal government had communists in its ranks

    "Claiming"? Try "knowing" and "proving"!

    And furthermore, there are STILL communists in the federal government! And their Marxist Commander in Chief is a semi-black Kenyan man living in the Red, Pink, and White House.

    With the Leftists, it's still the same: they write a lot of words, sentences comprised mostly of nasty slurs that they think are so clever and original but which are in fact retreads from years and decades past, and even a cursory examination shows that they don't, in fact, say anything close to substantive.

    Oh, they're so funny. Yuk!-Yuk!-Yuk!
    Oh, they're so clever. Hee!-Hee!-Hee!

    You'll move outta the country, eh?
    You throw up in your mouth a little, eh?

    Gee, never heard those before. I simply must applaud the originality!

    But, for the record - (and one can prove this easily by simply analyzing what they have done and said in the past) - there is only one current Republican candidate who can be fully trusted to place their hand on The Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution without actually committing perjury, and that candidate is Ron Paul.

    I can already state that Ron Paul will get my vote in the primary, and assuming he will not be on the Republican ticket for the general election, my vote for president will go to (as it has in the past) whomever is running for the office as The Constitution Party's representative.

    I stopped voting for the lesser of two evils quite some time ago. As the saying goes: "A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil."

    Good blog bit, Shredder!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Haha - bravo, sir! That was a gorgeous comment.

    And agreed - no more lesser of two evils, period. The young people don't understand it yet, nor some of the older, but I'm done with all that and so are a lot of people. Anyway, it's hardly lesser anymore. (How is Gingrich different than Kennedy or Carter? Oh yeah, he's further left and has less sack. Thanks for the 90s Newt,but piss off now.) I'm finding a wealth of stuff at Fredoneverything that you'll enjoy; hope you get a chance to check some of it out. The bit on Darwin alone was worth the price of admission lol.


    >>...Thanks for the 90s Newt, but piss off now

    Ha! Couldn't have said it better meself.

    Hey, McShredder, thanks so much for informing me about ‘Fred On Everything’.

    I have read several of his pieces now and he is mahvelous! That guy is a very talented writer – I find him highly entertaining and I love his style.

    I’m not sure which “Darwin” bit you were referring to, because I read one pertaining to evolution and I am currently only two-thirds of the way through (Link-->) THIS one. I will return and finish reading it tomorrow.

    Please post a URL to the one you were referring to, as I may have missed it.

    I’m already sure that I don’t agree with Fred on EVERYTHING, but if I did, that would mean that one of us is unnecessary. (See? I’m startin’ to get it.)

    Oh, OK, so NOW I understand why no one reads my blog: I don’t write this well.

    Hey, McShredder, our friend DiscConnected posted an outstanding blog bit recently, and I added a lengthy comment to it. Please read it (Link-->) HERE, before I delete my 2-part comment.

    Listen, my friend, I’m telling it to you straight: The story about Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a scandal AT LEAST one-thousand times BIGGER than Watergate! And... nothing this big can be covered up forever – not by the mainstream media, not by the Repugnantcan party, not by NO ONE!

    This shit will become common knowledge someday - I stake my entire reputation on it! (And, no joke, some of my few friends recognize me as being a trustworthy source who is well ahead of the Americonned curve). Don’t be one of those Johnny-Come-Latelys! Just today, WND began a web series that looks like it may blow this thing wide open. Check it out and consider getting on board before the masses come “Baa-Baa”-ing along.

    I PROMISE YOU, my friend, you will not look foolish in the end!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  4. Ok, not to take this backwards, but did I give the impression I wasn't aware the birth certificate was a forgery? And that Obama has lied openly in the past (either that or he's lying now) calling Kenya his "home country"? I mean, hell yeah. For one thing, he's a serial liar, and for another, they never made a secret out of his being foreign-born until people started bringing this up. They have managed to SERIOUSLY impugn anyone who even mentions the subject...well until Trump started saying it in the MSM and broke it for all of us. I'll always be grateful for that, you know. I can appreciate things a la carte.

    Speaking of which, no one agrees with Fred on everything! But anyone who browses around finds things they DO agree with, seldom can anyone argue with his logic, and as you point out, he's a fooking amazing writer. Which is both wonderful and dismaying for people like us. I mean, some of the stuff there is stuff I've been trying to get at for a decade, and he just writes a hilarious column and there's nothing left to say. I can't do it like that. Best I can hope for is a couple laughs (both for myself and anyone who reads it). But 12 years later you can open up the "feminist tarantula" column and it's just as fresh, just as relevant, just as funny. Sigh.

    Here we go - and what's particularly interesting here is if you pay attention, you'll note that this brilliant man, who merely asked some sincere questions, was cast out of whatever forum he was then posting to. A man who for many many years has been a respected columnist, among both friends and enemies - as even many feminists didn't deny that he made some excellent points. A man who is quite obviously intelligent under the curmudgeon persona. Who is radical for almost everyone, yet wins respect - I mean really, many of us wouldn't get sick of the shit here and actually expatriate to Mexico. He was sick of the inner cities and the vicious crimes that go unreported - the hate crimes. (Spent a lot of time on the beat doing research.) Gah anyway here it is - # 438 - . Enjoy. Also, click on the column list and right up top is a new Darwin column; I'm reading it now. Puts a pleasant light on Coulter's statements to interviewers that she did not have a problem with evolution per se (YET), but that there were certainly problems with Darwinism. Can't really get to the problems with evolution without first gaining the acknowledgement of the problems in Darwinism. He goes right for the thing I have always gone for - origins. Science can't do that one. The few evolutionists who will reply to that simply say "evolution doesn't have to explain origins". A brave few purport to tell you how science has proven origins (it hasn't.)

    Holla me back, yo.

    Holla'n ya back:

    >> . . . Ok, not to take this backwards, but did I give the impression I wasn't aware the birth certificate was a forgery? And that Obama has lied openly in the past (either that or he's lying now) calling Kenya his "home country"?

    No, you did not give me that impression.

    OK, the one piece on Evolution that you were referring to (for which you supplied the URL, and I thanks ya for it) I had already found at FredOnEverything and read it a few days ago.

    But since I was there, I did also read the new one you alluded to (“Darwin, Sort Of”) in which I found this brilliant bit:

    “How they are killed has no evolutionary importance, and in any event executing them with a blowtorch would consist merely in substituting certain chemical reactions for others: Pain has no existence in physics.

    “Of course if I actually did such a thing, the evangelists of scientism would be horrified. They are not immoral. They just can't explain why they are not.”

    That’s basically the same point I made in my 2-part blog bit about the myth of ‘Separation Of Church And State’ and ‘God Behind The U.S. Constitution’. Only Fred said it much more succinctly and more entertainingly.

    He’s a truly gifted writer.

    I also found another new one that is one of the best pieces of writing EVER! It pertains to our troops who are [Cough!-Cough!] keeping us free by killing all those rag-wearing people in the Middle East.

    The last major piece I write for “Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends” before closing the doors and shuttering the windows will be an anti-military blog installment (with a memorable title, if I say so myself), and I just made the decision to include a link at the bottom of it (whenever I finally finish writing it) to this extraordinary piece of writing by Fred which I have just read. How perfect. It’s almost like Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer” only even better. Hokey-Smoke! Better’n Twain’s? Yep. Hard to believe but true!

    I thank you again for turning me on to this bloke. Shredder, how long have you known about him and been reading his “stuffs”?

    One good turn deserves another, so now I want to turn you onto a writer I follow. His name is William Grigg and he was my favorite writer for The New American magazine for several years before he got canned for thinking independently and not toeing the company line.

    Lately his blog has been focusing on police abuse, and I applaud that focus. He is not as entertaining as Fred, but he is heavier, addressing very somber, serious, important issues. He’s pretty pissed, and I applaud THAT too. I occasionally – not often, but occasionally – post comments on his installments, and you’ll find a comment of mine on his latest blog bit [Link--->] HERE! [<---Link]

    If the link doesn’t work, here’s the URL:

    Hey, I hope I didn’t scare you off from my “Stuffs” blog with all that crazy interpretation of Scripture ‘n’ all.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  6. "I thank you again for turning me on to this bloke. Shredder, how long have you known about him and been reading his “stuffs”?

    Hey, Shredder has a trick or two up her sleeve, and once in a while manages to bat one outta the park lol. Been reading him since I was online - about 1999 actually. Someone at NOW linked him (er, I've told you that story) and like I said, pretty much everyone found something of value there, and something to be annoyed at. But I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I figured an anti-establishment fellow of HIS sort was something we would both enjoy. He is also a military veteran, and I tend to listen to military issues from those who've been in harm's way.

    Regarding the link, will certainly check it out. Fred, too, has spent much time on the beat in the worst areas, and he writes police stuff as well. And the issue of the crookedness of police is certainly a concern of MINE - that one, you have to be careful with; many people are extremely defensive about it, but I know what they are. Andy Griffith notwithstanding.

    "Hey, I hope I didn’t scare you off from my “Stuffs” blog with all that crazy interpretation of Scripture ‘n’ all."

    Well, that wasn't your teapot whistling. That was me screaming blue murder as I ran away covering my tender bits.

    Hehe - why should I mind?

  7. >> . . . Hehe - why should I mind?

    Heh!-Heh! You shouldn't - no reason to.

    >> . . . And the issue of the crookedness of police is certainly a concern of MINE - that one, you have to be careful with; many people are extremely defensive about it

    Right you are. And that's why I always keep my voice below a whisper every time I say . . .

    Police Officers?: FUCK THOSE FUCKIN' FUCKS!!!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    "The increasingly aggressive stance that the police take shows how they often do not serve or respect the people."
    ~ Gurudas
    from the book 'TREASON: The New World Order'
    Chapter 12 - "State And Federal Police";
    Page 170

  8. Yeah; something for those idiot leftists to REALLY be afraid of, and they almost never talk about it. Sure, they talk about that Oscar Grant who was executed in the subway, and any black person who gets shot, but they think if they're white there's nothing to worry about. There is. I paid a bizarrely heavy price for the crookedness of police, and I know whereof I speak.

    Ok, the town we used to live in was spotlighted on 60 minutes as having one of the most corrupt police forces in the country. My grandfather had many police friends (er, I lived with him until he died and another cop stole the estate; long horrible story) and he loveddddd having cop friends. Well a few doors down the cops went to break up a party in a young woman's apartment and two officers raped her. Another officer on the scene testified against them. My grandfather insisted that the girl wanted it (yeah, really) and that that lousy officer who turned states evidence was a liar and a snitch (how you can be both at once, only he knows.)

    And that's just one of the minor incidents that I didn't even experience personally.

    But I could go on all day; there are 8 million stories in the Naked City without Pity.

  9. Oh, yes, actually you went into greater detail of that story in a series of comments on my political blog once and I recall some of them.

    Wild sh#t in the Wild East.

    And sadly, not as uncommon as one would hope. With the advent of the Internet, much greater light has been thrown on the corruption of supposed "law enforcement" agencies and personnel. More shocking stories are becoming known daily. In the past, it was only the big headline stories that most people learned of - The Wacos and the Ruby Ridges - but now the crap that's happening daily in our own quiet little neighborhoods is coming to light.

    The Internet in general and YouTube specifically are doing a lot to reveal the revolting "Us Against Them" mentality of law enforcement, and Mr. Police Officer is seeing his reputation as a good public servant being more and more tarnished with each passing day.

    Sure, there are some good cops out there. But I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have at least one "the cop unnecessarily screwed with me" story. Makes one wonder about the Good Cop/Bad Cop percentages.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. Yeah it's weird. There have been times that I know I was treated gently because I was a young female. There are others I know were attacked and injured without any cause (usually male.) It's the only rhyme or reason I can really see. Well that, the lust for power, and the profit motive :( And even some very anti-establishment type people get up in arms to some degree when you talk about it, or move quickly to offer a defense to indefensible things.

    My husband's step-sister married a cop who's been relieved of duty and was the subject of street protests. 8 shots at point blank range against an unarmed black man while alone in the upstairs bedroom with him, so, no witnesses. Yes, of course the guy died. I tend to call that murder, even though the "internal investigation" says no. And anyway she's a hateful bitch so I really kind of enjoy mentioning that she married a murderer when I am forced to interact with her (trust me, she genuinely deserves it and has caused much harm herself.)