Friday, June 3, 2011

Pro-Abortionist Has Lost It!

One of our "totes" favorite bloggers seems to have finally really flipped her lid. I don't think she's going to get what she wants; Obama doesn't operate on principles; he operates on raw power. And profit. (After all, since becoming president instead of community organizer, he's become obscenely rich with book deals and so forth - in the tens of millions. But money is power too. "Wevs".)

She sez: "It is long past time for a national prime-time address by our ostensibly pro-choice Democratic president about the Republican all-out assault on reproductive rights across this country."

Well I've seen some Republicans - the real conservative conservatives (but not someone like, say, Sarah Palin) who have signed certain bills in their own states that somewhat limit abortion rights; haven't seen anyone attack "reproductive rights", though. For one thing, abortion is still legal in all 50 states and for another, no one is even trying to limit contraception. Which is, after all, where your "reproductive rights" should start, one would think.

"More than half the population is directly affected by the GOP's erosion of abortion rights. Needless to say, even people who cannot personally give birth are affected by the whims of the anti-choice brigade, too. This is a national issue.

Is it. It might be better for ALL of us if it were once again a state issue - after all, if you're so afraid that someone's going to overturn Roe v. Wade (yeah, right)...but no, that would only put it back in the states' hands too. Are women more than half the population? If so, guess what? MORE than half of women are pro-life; in fact best estimates are somewhere near 60 percent or more. So you might not want to stress THAT too hard.

"If anti-choice legislation in all 50 states as well as the federal Congress doesn't warrant a Democratic president's attention, doesn't move him to address this full-tilt attack on every American's ability to control hir reproduction"

Oh, fuck me - again with the HIR bullshit? I TOLD YOU it makes you sound like an ASSHOLE. There's nothing cute or clever about it! Jeez, get the net, precious!

"Anti-choice" legislation in ALL 50 STATES as well as the federal congress? WOW. When did all THIS happen? Oh. It didn't. You're hysterical.

"which we consider one of the most fundamental rights of the modern world"

We do?

"doesn't cause within his gut a burning need to passionately defend every Uterine-American's"

UTERINE-AMERICAN'S?? Holy hell, that's worse than "hir" and "zhe"! She's gone round the BEND, man. By the way, where did you EVER get the idea that the guy was passionate about ANYTHING? He's good with a teleprompter and all (barring that, he kind of sucks with notecards, but "wevs". Burning passion? Not so much.)

"access to basic medical care"

Abortion is basic medical care? How the hell did we do without it for so freaking long? I mean, you'd think the early abortionists were Jonas Salks here!

"including what is frequently a life-saving procedure"

You know, I'm not pro-life regarding the legal aspects of the abhorrent procedure (though I am personally) but I CALL BULLSHIT. In SOME, INFREQUENT cases, it can be a life-saving procedure, and abortion was legal in ALL FIFTY STATES as regarded the life of the mother ANYWAY - even the Catholic church doesn't try to deny abortions, for example, in the case of ectopic pregnancy. (It can not result in a living baby and it will result in a dead mother.) NO ONE is trying to deny actual life-saving procedures; that is just your bullshit cover for the fact that it's what, less than ONE PERCENT of all abortions that are performed for the actual LIFE OF THE MOTHER? That leaves only the other NINETY NINE PERCENT that aren't. Pig. Don't hide what you want, ADMIT IT.

"I can't imagine what will."

Oh wait a minute, I think I know what you're talking about. You're talking about Indiana defunding Planned Parenthood abortions via government funds, right? Guess what? Nationwide there were something like 200 abortions funded by the government last year. Don't know how many (15?) were in Indiana. And fuck you - we don't have to pay for it; that's not an erosion of rights; no one owes you shit. If people are too poor to come up with $150 then start handing out the rubbers - they're cheap and they prevent the problem. They're already legal in the case of "lifesaving" procedures, and no one's threatening THOSE, so you're just FULL of shit, aren't you? Basic medical care? Make donations yourself to pay for birth control. Start fund drives for THAT basic medical care and your excuse disappears.

"Speak up, Mr. President.


Hehe. Yeah, he'll get right on that. I'm sure he's checking in to your blog as we speak to see what you think about what he needs to do, and he's just burning with passion in his gut to satisfy your demands.

You keep telling yourself that. He's more likely to check in HERE and see what I think than you. He's already got you fools on his side.

Maybe Hillary will pick up the ball on it for you. Except she doesn't give a shit either. Good luck.

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