Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Behar the Bitch

Well now for something a little different...a loudmouthed leftist bitch...oh, wait. That's not different at all is it? Let's shred her latest vomitus - this will only take a moment since she's so stupid she barely comes out with a coherent thought at a time. And this time it's not about feminism, yay! Got this from NewsBusters.

"It’s ironic, though, because poor white people, poor black people are the ones who are oppressed by the right wing in this country, but they don’t seem to get that. They vote against their own interests all the time."

Oh REALLY, Joyless? Is THAT how it works, you cotton-headed ninnymuggins?

Let me break it down for you, you stupid jackass.  See, if you read classical literature you might be familiar with a book called "Little Women." I am. (Wait, you're the one who thought C. S. Lewis was a children's probably couldn't make it past chapter one.) One thing that struck me was when Amy married the rich young Laurence and they both wanted to do some good in the world, so they were discussing what they could do. He made a rather surprising (yet true) statement; that outright beggars get taken care of; the ones who struggle are gentlemen/women trying to get a start in life via education and beginning business, or otherwise using and developing their talents. Starving young artists, garage bands, you know. People too proud to take charity but who dearly need it.

See, it was true then and it's true now - the POOR get taken care of. They get SSDI and food stamps and section 8 housing and welfare and AFDC and Medicaid, and Low Income Heating Energy Assistance, and water bill assistance and cell phones (I don't have a cell phone) and even, yes, alms. There are people fighting as we speak to make the internet and cable tv a civil right for the poor. The hipster street kids who do it for fun will tell you they take in a good $300 a day in their paper cups. I make that in a week. Almost makes you want to become a beggar.

You know who gets hit first when the LEFT is in charge? The lower middle class; the people living paycheck to paycheck just to barely make their bills (and I'm not talking about extravagances, either - shelter, food, heat, water, electricity - those little trifles.) See, they don't have a safety net (unless you count the temporary unemployment they get when they lose their jobs...that is only a little more than half what they were making before, so they now can not make their bills anymore and have to sacrifice things one. by. one. First they give up cable tv, then they give up the cell phone, then they give up the internet, then maybe even the phone...then things start getting shut off and the shutoff notices start coming and so do the foreclosure notices.)

There's nowhere to go because the economy is dried up; the poor still get their entitlement money and benefits but where do the working class go when their jobs are gone? And still the IRS comes after them for back taxes, as though they have the means now to pay them. Still we have to fund those who are living more comfortably than we are and doing nothing. Hah, we lived in a duplex with a family who were section 8; they had 3 cars, cell phones, cable tv, everything they wanted pretty much. Meanwhile we were fighting to make the rent and keep a single 20 year old car running at all. Don't cry your bullshit about the poor to me; the poor here aren't poor. See, if you're talking about the homeless (which does not equal poor) that's your fault too; you know why? Most of them are mentally ill and they USED to be housed in asylums and taken care of; then Geraldo discovered Willoughbrook (and I had been there - yes it was a nightmare but it wasn't typical) and you people started demanding we CLOSE the asylums. So now those sick people have nowhere to go but the street, do they? Your fault.

We don't vote against our interests; we aren't idiots and you do NOT know what is best for us. We vote to save our businesses and jobs, you burly-boned swag-bellied nut-hook, not to institute a nanny state.

Leftist (yes socialist) economics and ideology is the greatest cause of human suffering and misery on this planet, you foul defacer of God's handiwork! Now my caluminous weather-bitten canker-blossom, put THAT in your crack pipe and smoke it. And. shut. the. hell. up.

Well, that felt good but it wasn't funny at all. Even with the bard's help.

Hope I'm not losing my touch.  Now, I'm going to go watch Teeth about a girl with vagina dentata which is supposed to be very funny (I'm doubtful but who knows?) and my friends, when they tell you NOT to google "blue waffle" they are absolutely serious. DO NOT EVER GOOGLE THAT. I'm not kidding. You'll never, ever unsee it. Namaste, bitchez!

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