Saturday, April 16, 2011

Your WTF Moment of the Day

On All Things Considered, NPR just aired an interesting interview with Third Way senior fellow David Kendell, where the latter explained why he thinks the IRS should issue receipts that show how much of your income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes the federal government spends on various programs. It's a cute idea. However, I've got a couple of tweaks:

Yes, I'm sure you do.

2) I don't really care that I paid 46 cents to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. What I want to know is how much you paid to fund the CPB. So each year, it'd be cool if I got someone else's receipt.

What. the. HELL?

Do these people make sense to themselves? Like in their own minds, when he replays this suggestion over, does he say "Oh, wow, that's completely insane!" or does he honestly say, "Yeah, that's a great idea! Why don't they do it?"

Let's find some funny comments -

My new friend, who I thought was awesome, triggered me last night in a very physical way and then refused to apologise, claiming I was overreacting. I'm hoping it was the alcohol, that he realizes his mistake, and that we can still be friends., couldn't possibly be! Kick 'im to the curb!

I had a coworker tell me he liked intentionally pissing me off (he's just oh so charming), and another (male) coworker order me to "smile". Um, no thank you, ass, I will frown and be grumpy all I like.

Well, it IS fun to intentionally piss off feminists. For one thing it's super easy; all you have to do is tell them to "smile". That's always good for a kick in the 'nads.

I want to get to work on a story that's a remix of one my roommate just wrote, because the one who's NOT her viewpoint character started pestering me VERY LOUDLY in my head at work today, explaining how he was VERY CONCERNED about his friend when he was in that melancholy mood, and telling me how he reacted to that letter and especially to the worries about "against the laws of God and man" that unfortunately gave me an earworm, and how it was going to be all better just like the way my friend's story ended, but he NEEDS TO TELL HIS SIDE.

I...whoah. :/ I think they have medication for that now.

Ya, it's a bummer- cost of materials for beer has gone up significantly in the last few years. I remember back when a 22oz bottle of Ruination was $3.

Ok. I remember when a pack of smokes was 75 cents. ($8 and climbing now.) And a case of Bud was what, 6 bucks? Good luck on the ruination though. Uh, yep.

(re: Atlas Shrugged) I kid, I kid. I did laugh really hard when I noticed that the critics at Fandango gave it a 26 out of 100 and fans gave it a 4.2/5. That wasn't influenced by ideology at all, nope, no way! Those movie critics are just elitist Hollywood liberals!

So the fans are influenced by ideology (why shouldn't they be? This on a site that analyzes every nuance of every movie poster for possible misogyny or rape allusions) and the critics...aren't? I want some of whatever you're drinking. Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters?

And a lot of talk about fanfic (in insider language - we're so awesome!) Isn't that pretty much just crappy porn of every character boning every other character in every conceivable pairing?

Some creepy asshole at Whole Foods said "hi" to me while I was picking out my berries. I didn't give him the death eyes, but I did stare straight ahead with the death expression cranked up to max and I'm sure he saw.

See? I told you it's fun to piss off feminists - just say "hi." Just exist. Do not make eye contact. Do not speak or attempt to feed the animals. In fact, get out of our world, will you?

And one of the things that comes up when deciding whether there is a such a thing as a feminine/ist film aesthetic, is that it probably includes some very close close-ups.

Wasn't someone just bitching about movies being judged by ideology?

And finally, one person who for $3.50 will send you a personal written letter about any topic of your choosing - such as stories about her life, her opinions on stuff, whatever. Lots of doodles and such on the margins and envelope! Free shipping! Guaranteed at least a page long!

Well, I can't hardly wait for that.

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