Thursday, February 24, 2011

I...uh...Trigger Warning

I don't think I know how to make this funny.   It's sickening.   Obviously we all teach our baby boys that being strong and powerful means raping women.  Or something.  What. the. fuckety. fuck?   You make it funny, I can't.

By the way, it's come to my attention that if there is something in a post or article or video or picture that may suddenly jolt someone who's been the victim of, for example, a crime, it is only fair to post a "trigger warning."  Feminists LOVE trigger warnings, and have them for such things as "trigger warning for body policing, racist language, sexual violence, fat-hatred, fat-shaming, shame-shaming, slut-shaming, pig-shaming" etc. etc. etc.   So I figured I'd better get with the program and start posting trigger warnings to any possible readers here.   (So far that'd be zero, but you never know!)   I mean, what if you were raised by a feminist?   Should I not warn you in advance that there may be feminist content in the post that might trigger you into running down the street screaming in shame and asking to have someone lop off your willy?   I mean, I gotta be careful with this stuff; it's powerful.   So, this is the first post with a trigger warning, but I expect plenty more of them in future.   It's a tough old world out there, and I wouldn't want to set any poor bastard off with my man-slut-shaming or something.

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