Thursday, February 24, 2011

The...AGENCY! Of "Women"

Apparently men try to take away the "Agency" of women in many many ways.   Or, should I say, as the feminist does, "dudes" - since "men" is too, you know, respectful a term to use.

One way men steal the "Agency" of women is by "Exceptionalism".  This means claiming that your mother or sister isn't like "those" women.   Whoever "those" women are.  In my case I'd have to say you can safely claim I'm not like "those" feminists.   Stupid dudes, stealing my Agency and shit.  The capper to this section is "Indeed, it is more special to be regarded as a cool woman in a world full of cool women than it is the only cool woman on the planet."   Except since the world has so many feminists, I'd have to say it isn't really FULL of "cool women".  Some women are feminists, some women are just bitches, some are nasty racists, some are...well, it would seem that just like everyone else on the earth, many suck ass and some are very cool.   I may or may not be cool, but at least I'm not like THEM.   (That's called "internalized misogyny" since women are conditioned to hate women as much as men are heh.)

Another way men steal the "Agency" of women is by breach of consent.   This is characterized by not asking.   If you really have to stop and ask me every step of the way, I'm kind of going to think you're an asshole.  "Asking a woman, "May I take your arm?" or "May I kiss you?" is actually quite likely to be considered both sexy and smooth, with the additional bonus of being respectful."   For what it's worth, I don't find that to be very sexy or very smooth.   On the other hand, if you grope me and I don't want you to that isn't sexy either.   Naturally this is a fine line to tread and I don't envy men being in that position.   But if I'm shoving my half-exposed cleavage at you and you don't get the damn signal, let's just consider that sort of a turn-off, shall we?   If you're dating a feminist, here's a clue - run the fuck in the other direction.

Another way men steal the "Agency" of women is by doing things like telling her to "smile."   Presumably you don't have a camera in your hand at the time.   If you tell me to smile and I'm in a pissy mood I'll just say "Nope."   Probably just leave it there.   But I'm not going to hold it against you for giving it a shot.   If you tell her to smile and she says, "You didn't give me a *trigger warning* first" or "Fuck you" then she's a feminist, and I repeat - RUN.   Fast and far.   Learn the signals of feminists and stay as far away from them as you can.   You can't win.  Trust me.

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