Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vulva Smell Potion?

Taint Misbehavin'        

Vulva Smell Potion - yes, they make it.  And bottle it.  And sell it.  There's even a commercial to go with it, wherein a man in a gym is watching a woman ride an exercise bike and when she gets off of it, the guy goes over and sniffs the seat.   Now I would have thought that was hilarious - actually, I DO think it's hilarious.  I don't know who's in the market for this stuff but apparently they want that pussy smell without the actual bitch attached, right?  Then, what?  Go home to a blow-up doll?  Who knows?  It's just funny.   The feminists, of course are furious.  Because smelling a bike seat is a SERIOUS PHYSICAL VIOLATION.  Yeah, I had to check it three times to be sure I had that right.   Inasmuch as you are being SERIOUSLY PHYSICALLY VIOLATED.  Even though no one is touching you.  Or hurting you.  Or that you even know about it.   If only these bitches had the humor that the ladies and gents at regretsy have, it could have been a riot - in fact, I guess it was.  They titled it "Taint Misbehavin" Taint Misbehavin' and the lady comments "
A woman gets on an elevator, and there’s a man already on it. She stands with her back to him as they ride up in silence. After a moment, he leans over and whispers, “Excuse me, can I smell your pussy?”
She wheels around, furious.
“No! No you cannot smell my pussy!”
“Oh,” he says. “Must be your feet.”

And the comments - a couple tidbits but do visit the link for the full hilarity:  "Here, smell my finger."  "If i want the back of my hand to smell like my snatch i’ll just rub my hand in my crotch. Hell, for 12 bucks gbp you can you can rub the back on your hand in my crotch. Ooh – new etsy store idea"  "Comes in three scents: Morning After, Virgin, and Red Tent Party."  "They're selling me the stink from stink finger?  Using comic sans?"  Hehe; now THERE are some women with a sense of humor.   Feminists (especially the one I've been shredding) PRIDE themselves on having none.   Which is why we have to make fun of them to get a laugh.   But that regretsy place is worth visiting - it's a knockoff site of a place where people sell homemade crafts; they pick the ugliest, stupidest shit and mock it mercilessly.   (They also sell their own and donate the proceeds to charity, so it's more than worthwhile to at least have a look.)

And apparently this stuff is  And not just realistic but realistic to the scent of someone who's been working out heavily for at least an hour.  Uh...ew.   And haha!

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