Thursday, February 24, 2011

Statistics Lessons

Citing a NYT article, one of the bloggers at my current shredding site quotes: "
"A 37-year-old illegal immigrant was under arrest Friday after three people were found shot to death and three others were wounded at two houses just blocks apart in the northern Virginia city of Manassas, the police said."

1. I know it's all the rage in the liberal media these days, but can we give the term "illegal immigrant" a rest? Please?

No.  First of all, it isn't "all the rage" "these days" in the media; the preferred term has become "undocumented immigrants" or "undocumented workers."  

2. There's nothing in the story that suggests that the status of the suspects' immigration paperwork had anything to do with his motivation. I don't see any motive listed. And yet "immigrant" is the first subject direct object (or subject? little help?) in the very first sentence. "Immigrant" modified by "illegal".

I think someone needs a statistics lesson.  "Cities that receive the largest numbers of immigrants also have twice the unemployment rate, 40% more people living in poverty, and 40% more serious crime per capita than cities with few or no immigrant arrivals. (1)   Yeah, see, when the cities with the largest number of ILLEGAL immigrants have 40% more serious crime PER CAPITA (look into it, honey) then while merely being an illegal immigrant may not be in and of itself the motive, it might give you an idea the type of people that are moving here, you know, ILLEGALLY.   I'll even go out on a huge limb without looking it up and say that people who go through the process of moving here LEGALLY are LESS likely to commit serious crimes than natives.   (And despite what your ideas of native might be, I am talking about people who are born here.)

I'll spare you some more tripe, but this kills me: "Oh! There's also the narrative that brown people + coming to America = Crime! Oh noes, fear for the future of the real peoplez!"

No, sir, (more on that later) the actual assumption you're looking for is that people (of whatever color or race) who come here ILLEGALLY ACTUALLY DOES EQUAL CRIME IN AND OF ITSELF.   That's why it's called ILLEGAL immigration.   The very act of coming here illegally IS a crime.  When are you people going to understand that?   And perhaps it is that a person who will commit one illegal act is that much more likely to commit another.   Many may be merely escaping heinous conditions; others are running from their own law to begin with.   Even those who are not are committing a crime by living and working here "undocumented."   See how that all works?   Even if that person is white as the driven snow.   So drop the act; we ain't buying what you're selling.

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